Famous Idaho … Caviar?

What is Idaho famous for? Immediately, the global refrain “potatoes!” can be imagined, if not actually heard. But what if I substituted “caviar” for spuds? First, would you believe me? Second, would you try it?

It’s an incredible product, filled with its own mystery. It is also locally produced through sustainable methods in the Magic Valley, taking advantage of the natural Idaho gifts that make the product exceptional. If you’re attending the Sun Valley Harvest Festival Martini and Caviar party at SEGO, you will join The Food Network as one of those in the know. TFN called it out as one of “The Best Things We’ve Ever Eaten” on the Salty Goodness list.

If you trace culinary circles you will find that incredible chefs like Tom Keller and Wolfgang Puck proudly and confidently serve Idaho raised Tsar Nicoulai caviar to their guests from New York to California. Tsar Nicoulai, is an established and steadily rising star in this competitive, dramatic market, and they pay careful attention to their audience. You may spot owner Marion Mahone among the crowd, enjoying the introduction of roe from Acipenser transmontanus, also known as white sturgeon, to Sun Valley Harvest Festival VIP guests.

Leiann Noel, public relations contact for Tsar Nicoulai, said that reception for four varieties of Idaho raised caviar has been excellent. The large 4.4 mm bead of the Crown Jewel is sumptuous and sophisticated, along with the Golden, the Reserve and the Select varieties. Noel also advised that some caviar includes borax to keep the beads plump after freezing, but you’ll never find such additives in Tsar Nicoulai. It’s all about the freshness and purity of the roe, with a little salt added.

Tsar Nicoulai produces other varieties raised at their farms in California, but the Idaho products are well known for qualities that caviar scholars seek. Join in the culinary education this weekend, and find out what else is soon to make Idaho famous. Go to www.sunvalleyharvestfestival.com to snap up your tickets, and we’ll see you there!

by Kathleen Turner

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