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Harvest Festival Yields Bumper Crop of Presenters

Tuesday, August 31, 2010August 31, 2010:
Sun Valley Harvest Festival Yields Bumper Crop of Presenters

Tickets. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. A seat at an NFL game can run you anywhere from fifty smackers in the outback to five grand for a prime, first row seat. A movie ticket in the valley will run you about six clams. And, you usually get pretty much what you pay for. Once in a while, you get more. Here’s your chance.

The Sun Valley Harvest Festival is coming right up. On the heels of the local harvests throughout Southern Idaho, from Sept. 24 through 26, a weekend festival of presentations featuring sustainable and regional foods, wines and spirits, along with chef’s secrets and in-depth foodie info will roll out. Great chefs using great products will inspire you with creative and healthy ways to prepare a tasty repast. Just like any event with lots to offer, there are ticket options. Usually, that top tier is a little out of reach for most, and often doesn’t offer enough value to justify the price. This Sun Valley Harvest Festival is different.

The top of the line VIP pass at the Festival will get you lots more. More information. More time interacting with chefs. Reserved parking and seating. A stellar martini and caviar party at Sego, fast becoming a Ketchum favorite restaurant. All with regional and sustainable products, two of which are Idaho main course superstars currently being served up at Thomas Keller’s fabulous Yountville restaurant, French Laundry. Now, there’s a ticket that’ll run you $250 a pop just for the meal.

Come see, learn, taste and enjoy Idaho’s premium products. Treat all five of your senses to this food, wine and spirits celebration. Find out what Idaho’s bounty really has to offer with the value of the VIP. Go to for the full menu of events and to purchase tickets online.
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