Simply elegant!

Five years ago linking the words “sustainable” and “luxury” together would have gotten you more laughs than a John Stewart Daily Show. As we learn to live within our means and without trashing the planet, that word combination now signals discovery and success. How so?

Next weekend, at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival, 100 lucky attendees will gather on the rooftop patio of Sego restaurant in Ketchum for a martini and caviar party. Five years ago the martini would have likely been mixed with imported spirits, and the caviar would have had a Russian accent.

Things have changed. Sego’s Chef Taite Pearson will be serving up light fare focused on Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, a California company practicing sustainable sturgeon farming in Bliss, ID, resulting in an excellent local product used in the famous kitchens of Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck. With these beautiful, sustainable and nutritious nibbles, Chef Pearson will provide you with a wow factor for your next gathering. You can try this at home.

Sego’s cocktail chemist, Ryan Sullivan, will mix up unique, refreshing martinis with Square One Cucumber Vodka. Square One, founded and continuously guided by Allison Evanow, is a family-owned, organic spirits brand focused on dovetailing ultra premium spirits with impeccable environmental standards.

Using 100% sweet organic rye, and produced with a proprietary organic fermentation process certified by both Oregon Tilth and the USDA’s National Organic Program, the rich, smooth, nutty flavor proves a perfect culinary companion. Square One Organic Spirits, distilled by Master Distiller Bill Scott of Distilled Resources, Inc., in Rigby, ID, received five stars from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal and brought home gold medals from the L.A. International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Sullivan will also offer mmm-mmm-martinis made with Square One’s Botanical Vodka, an organic rye spirit blended with eight botanicals, including pear, citrus and coriander. Come learn from the master how to enjoy summer’s harvest in a glass, with these local, organic, creative drinks from Sullivan’s playbook at Sego.

Then, Chef Pearson will team up with Chef Randy King from Sysco in Boise to deliver a lively discussion, “What Will be on Your Plate in Two Years?” addressing the spectrum of Idaho products you may not be aware of that are soon to become household words.

Simplifying the source to savor route and featuring fresh, honest flavors are proof positive that this group can successfully combine sustainability with luxury. The result? As they say in science, when an experiment can be completed in as few steps as possible, it’s elegant.

Tickets to this fun and fascinating gathering are just a part of the package when you purchase a gold pass to the festival. There are spots for just 100 guests at this event and a limited number remain, so click on over to and put this party on your calendar. Sustainable luxury. It’s elegant. And you really won’t want to miss it!

by Kathleen Turner

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