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We’ve had another simply incredible summer here in Idaho. We’re now reaping the harvest of sunshine-packed days nestled into cool, crisp nights. The explosion of color alone is enough to send even the most cursory culinary artists enthusiastically seeking the reds, oranges, yellows and greens at markets across the state.

It’s an exciting and innovative time in the kitchen for most, but what about the year-round chef at home? The parent, spouse or significant other who consistently plans, shops for, prepares, serves and cleans up for family and friends, day after day, year after year? Is there someone in your life who cooks for you? How about treating them to an exciting, inspiring, healthy and rewarding three days of events at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival?

The tickets are simple to purchase online at and offer up tasty, new, good-for-you culinary trends via discussions with top chefs like Vaughn Hobbs of Viking, John Turenne of Sustainable Food Systems, Dustan Bristol of Brick 29, Randy King of Sysco, and a host of famous local chefs like Cristina Cook, Scott Mason and Taite Pearson. 

A gift of a festival pass to your favorite chef will gain them admission to the tasting room to discover spirits from Idaho’s Distilled Resources, Inc., and nectar from 14 Idaho wineries. They will also have the privilege to enjoy the beer garden where music, food and Idaho brewers will celebrate Oktoberfest

Through demonstrations and discussions, attendees will learn ways to pair spirits, wines and beer with the some of Idaho’s most famous exports, like Lava Lake Lamb and Snake River Farms beef, both of which are so delish that Tom Keller has chosen to serve them up at his famed French Laundry dinners in California. Your chef will also discover some of Idaho’s best kept secrets available through Idaho’s Bounty. 

If you purchase a gold VIP pass for your beloved chef, they will find themselves attending an exclusive martini and caviar party at Sego, with a lively presentation by Chefs Vaughn and Pearson about what we’ll be eating in five years. This hush-hush event has limited seating, and there are a few spaces left, so get in there and get one while the getting’s still good!

Doesn’t your chef deserve to have some fun with their art? Of course they do. Plus, you get the benefit of all this great knowledge as they put their discoveries to use preparing tasty, healthy, local and regional dishes for you! It’s a win-win with benefits we’ve not even listed here.

 Sound like fun? Then get thee to the website and snap up a gift pass for the hard-working chef in your life. You may even want to treat yourself to a pass and share the love. Join us, September 24-26, 2010, for this groundbreaking culinary event, and reap the benefits all year long.

by: Kathleen Turner

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