Welcome to the Sun Valley Harvest Festival

Welcome to the first Sun Valley Harvest Festival! I am so excited that this is actually happening, and at the same time it is hard to believe. Who ever would have thought that you could combine all of your passions into a job, but that is exactly what has happened with the Sun Valley Harvest Festival. When I was first asked to take this over, I thought why would I want to do that to myself?!?! But upon further reflection, and many glasses of wine, I started to see what a great opportunity this would be to showcase all of the great food, chefs, wine, spirits and beer that Idaho has to offer. As food and wine related travel has become the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry why shouldn’t Idaho and Sun Valley be on that map?!?! I know everyone thinks of us as a recreation destination which is great, but what about those out there who are maybe not so much into recreation and are missing out on the opportunity to experience this great state of ours! And of course fall is the most spectacular time of year here, so doesn’t all that combined make up the best reason to create a “foodie” festival.

So here we are six months later with what I think is a great lineup of local and guest chefs showing us how to prepare our locally raised, grown and made foods, paired with some of our locally made wines, spirits, and beers. Did you know that the best caviar, which apparently even gives our Russian friends a run for their money, is raised right here in Bliss Idaho…..who knew?!?! Pair that with some of our locally produced vodka made in Rigby and you have an amazing party with a great story! Apparently it is even good enough for Chef Thomas Keller of French Laundry in Napa Valley.

As the tagline says, I really wanted everyone to have the opportunity to taste, learn, experience, and enjoy their way through a weekend of fun filled events. I hope this is something that you will come to year after year, to not only keep current on what is going on in the “Foodie” world of Idaho, but also to just enjoy a fun weekend away in a beautiful destination with great food and hopefully some new good friends.

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