SVHF Martini and Caviar Party featuring Square One Organic Vodka

Come enjoy an eco-conscious cocktail at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival Idaho Martini and Caviar Party featuring Square One Organic Spirits.

Founded in 2006 by Allison Evanow and her sister Debbie Jones, Square One Organic Spirits is a socially conscious, environmentally responsible company, distilling certified organic American rye vodka.

Evanow, who previously worked for Jose Cuervo International, was drawn to the distillation of vodka because of the spirit’s versatility in cocktail mixings. As a previous bartender and passionate mixologist, Evanow was excited by the creative process of distilling a unique vodka that could be used to create innovative cocktails. Evanow received her inspiration for Square One Organic Spirits after moving to Marin County, California and witnessing the strong community spirit and eco-awareness alive at weekend farmers markets. Evanow embraced this sustainable mentally and set out to create the “greenest” clear spirit, sourcing regional ingredients such as water from the pristine springs of the Teton Mountains and they rye is sourced from the US northern plains, it is the best in the world for high quality organic American rye. Because of the purity and freshness of the ingredients, Square One requires only a single process distillation to bring out its clear, crisp, and elegant taste and aroma.

Square One’s organic mindset does not end at distillation. The distinct, squared bottle is designed with a sustainable aesthetic; the bottle is made from clear, unfrosted glass that requires less chemical processing and customers are encouraged to “upcycle” the bottle by using it as a vase or container.

With fun flavors such as Cucumber, Basil, and Botanical, as well as the original Square One, you won’t want to miss the delightful cocktail and caviar pairings at the Harvest Festival Martini and Caviar Party. Come taste, experience, and enjoy the organic offerings of Square One Spirits this September at the 2011 Sun Valley Harvest Festival!

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