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Nuts About Nut Butter: CEO of Justin’s To Appear at the SVHF Food Mavericks Panel

If you thought butter came two ways—dairy or peanut—you’ve been living under a rock. Justin’s nut butter started out as a healthy homemade snack and has turned into abody-fmp-01 sustainable, protein-filled, tasty revolution in the food industry. And you don’t need to be a granola-crunching, Birkenstock-wearing member of a commune to access this tasty treat; Justin’s products are sold nation-wide, everywhere from small, locally-owned markets to Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Target, Wegmans…you name it. Both hippies and corporate CEOs have something in common now…everyone’s nuts about Justin’s. 

The nut butter revolution began as many great ideas do; a simple need was discovered and met. Justin Gold, a native of a small town in Pennsylvania and graduate of Dickinson College (notably my Alma Mater—go Red Devils!), started creating nut butters in a simple food processor in his kitchen. The active, health-conscious vegetarian was looking for an easy (and delicious) way to incorporate more protein in his diet, and in doing so began creating different flavors and varieties such as peanut, hazelnut, and almond butter. In four short years, an idea conceived in a home kitchen turned into a now-famous gourmet line of organic products, including jars, squeeze packs, and the recently released candy bars and peanut butter cups.

While the company has grown exponentially since its inception, it still maintains its core mission and values. That is, to be “committed not only to great flavor, but also to integrity of ingredients and business practices.” What does that mean? Justin’s sticks to its guns when it comes to using the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly products along with the best organic and natural ingredients.

Needless to say, Justin is a great fit at our inaugural Harvest Festival Food Mavericks Panel, at which he will discuss foodie entrepreneurship and how he has built such a wildly successful business while staying true to original beliefs and goals.