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Brick 29 Mac’n Cheese w/ Pomodoro Sauce

Brick 29 Mac’n Cheese

1 lb Wheat Penne Pasta

8 oz Mild Cheeses (monterey jack, mozzerella, havarti)

6 oz Medium Cheese (sharp cheddar, smoked gouda,


4 oz  Big Cheese (gorgonzola, goat cheese)

1 cup Pomodoro (recipe below)

Seasoned Bread Crumbs

Heat oven to 375 to 400 degrees

Cook penne until al dente while making pomodoro. Drain pasta

and toss with half of all cheese. Place in oven safe dish and top

with pomodoro and remaining cheeses. Bake for 15 minutes and

then top with breadcrumbs and return to oven for 10 minutes or

until golden brown and bubbly. Pull from oven, cool 3 to 5

minutes and serve

Pomodoro Sauce

Mix the following ingredients and allow to marry for 15


2 ripe tomatoes diced

1 tbsp garlic minced

1/4 cup red onion minced

2 tbsp finely chopped basil

L/+ cup olive oil

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Salt & Pepper

Famous Idaho … Caviar?

What is Idaho famous for? Immediately, the global refrain “potatoes!” can be imagined, if not actually heard. But what if I substituted “caviar” for spuds? First, would you believe me? Second, would you try it?

It’s an incredible product, filled with its own mystery. It is also locally produced through sustainable methods in the Magic Valley, taking advantage of the natural Idaho gifts that make the product exceptional. If you’re attending the Sun Valley Harvest Festival Martini and Caviar party at SEGO, you will join The Food Network as one of those in the know. TFN called it out as one of “The Best Things We’ve Ever Eaten” on the Salty Goodness list.

If you trace culinary circles you will find that incredible chefs like Tom Keller and Wolfgang Puck proudly and confidently serve Idaho raised Tsar Nicoulai caviar to their guests from New York to California. Tsar Nicoulai, is an established and steadily rising star in this competitive, dramatic market, and they pay careful attention to their audience. You may spot owner Marion Mahone among the crowd, enjoying the introduction of roe from Acipenser transmontanus, also known as white sturgeon, to Sun Valley Harvest Festival VIP guests.

Leiann Noel, public relations contact for Tsar Nicoulai, said that reception for four varieties of Idaho raised caviar has been excellent. The large 4.4 mm bead of the Crown Jewel is sumptuous and sophisticated, along with the Golden, the Reserve and the Select varieties. Noel also advised that some caviar includes borax to keep the beads plump after freezing, but you’ll never find such additives in Tsar Nicoulai. It’s all about the freshness and purity of the roe, with a little salt added.

Tsar Nicoulai produces other varieties raised at their farms in California, but the Idaho products are well known for qualities that caviar scholars seek. Join in the culinary education this weekend, and find out what else is soon to make Idaho famous. Go to to snap up your tickets, and we’ll see you there!

by Kathleen Turner

Sun Valley Harvest Festival: Restaurant Walk

Only a few days away, the Sun Valley Harvest Festival is looking at one of the year’s most incredible weather weekends of the year. There is nothing more beautiful than a blue-sky day against the dark evergreen horizon, unless it’s that same day injected with energized culinary magic, great food and good company. As a wrap up to the many great touchpoints of the festival, the Restaurant Walk Friday night will showcase the best of the best.

In addition to all of the other perks that come with a pass to the Sun Valley Harvest Festival there will be divine dishes from 14 of Ketchum’s most popular local . If you’re taking advantage of great value of the VIP pass, you’ll be starting off at SEGO with the Martini and Caviar party and all of the weekend’s demos, presentations and events will be included for you. A couple of other pass options are also available.

If you can’t make the other events of the festival and just want to do the walk, it is possible to purchase a wristband good for just that event. In fact, there is an a la carte menu, so to speak, for individual tickets to many of the events at

The Restaurant Walk will wind through Ketchum, stopping to sample tastes of delightful fare from favorites SEGO, Ketchum Grill, Il Naso, Ciro, Globus, Rico’s, Rasberrys Catering, Rickshaw, Bistro 44, Cornerstone, Vintage, Glow Live and Papa Hemi’s. Local caterers will also participate, and even Silver Creek Outfitters will chime in, with some knock-your-socks-off samples.

The chefs will mix it up with creative ingredients supplied by Sysco of Boise, Idaho’s Bounty, Snake River Farms beef, Lava Lake Lamb, Fish Processor of Idaho trout,
Purple Sage Farms spices, Peaceful Belly corn, M&M heath heirloom small white beans and heirloom Yukon potatoes, Sugar Loaf Farm carrots and green onions, Rice Farm Yukon gold potatoes, leeks and eggplant and Waterwheel cucumbers, just to get your taste buds working.

Also going on this weekend are the Baldy Hill Climb and the Wood River Valley Solar and Green Building Expo, both of which would be suitable Saturday morning outings in between Harvest Festival events. Bring your bike and/or your architectural questions, along with your appetite, for a yummy, educational and memorable visit to Blaine County this weekend.

Why local? Why organic?

If you’re already a fan of farmers markets, then you know. But what if you’ve never had the experience. Are you wondering what the big deal is really all about? Isn’t this thing just another fad? Well, if you think living a healthier life in a more vibrant, more financially stable, more diverse community is a fad, then perhaps. But just consider a few of the reasons most find compelling to at least give it a go.

Time was when we marveled at the option of dining on exotic fruits and vegetables from distant locales. Once schooled in the notion that processed, pre-cooked, uniformity in food was a good thing, we bought mass-produced, pre-formed, packaged foods, just like we bought little boxes on the hillside made of ticky-tacky that all looked just the same, and cars that slurped gas like there was not tomorrow. Well, welcome to tomorrow.

More than just a trend, farming is a lifestyle many are embracing once again, only in smaller, more individual, more independent ways. Farmers and the markets they fuel have emerged in explosive numbers across the U.S. over the past ten years. Demand has more than kept up. Why?

Economy. When you buy local food, much more of the money from the sale of those products stays in the community. You support local farmers and producers, strengthening local economies, maintaining and creating local jobs.

Taste. Food from sources closer to the point of sale tastes fresher, retaining more nutritive value.

Oil. Transporting local goods to market uses tons less gasoline than shipping things thousands of miles, minimizing the need for importing fuels and the result their use has on air, water and land.

Chemistry. Many local producers are minimizing or eliminating the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in their practices, providing products that are free of potentially harmful compounds. Such practices also save air, water and land from contamination by those chemicals, reducing the chance of the need for emergency actions or eventual clean up.

Getting in touch with real food again, as opposed to a carbon copy of it, processed and packaged beyond recognition of its parent state has intrinsic benefits of social interaction as well. Farmers markets are a combination of errands and social events, with neighbors getting to know producers, set in a vibrant mix of color, scent, and atmosphere.

The Sun Valley Harvest Festival is a celebration of all of the above, embracing a healthy, social, responsible, community-based experience with education, entertainment and inspiration.

Whether you’re a devout health nut, a moderate fan, or a complete neophyte to the world of real fruit, vegetables and proteins, the Harvest Festival offers an opportunity to learn new tricks, share knowledge and have some fun. We promise you’ll be surprised by how good this all tastes, how easy it is to prepare healthy, sumptuous fare, and how much shopping locally does for a community.

by Kathleen Turner

Sun Valley Harvest Festival: What’cha doin next Saturday?

What’s on your agenda next Saturday? Planning to sofa-sit with a bag of chips and a beverage? Doing the 32nd Annual Baldy Hill Climb? Whatever the plan, there is some real fun to be had in the valley next weekend with great benefits, both long and short term, at The Sun Valley Harvest Festival, Sept. 24-26, in Ketchum.

You could be attending an event that offers a weekend of entertainment, education, wine and spirits tasting, an Oktoberfest Beer Garden, some of the valley’s best and most innovative healthy, local dining, and an opportunity to learn about explosive new trends in fueling that fine body of yours.

What’s on the agenda? Well, next Saturday’s amazing lineup is just packed with great presentations. For instance, take game-changer John Turenne of Sustainable Food Systems. He can take the grayest, most institutionalized menu still clinging to a 1950s-inspired food service model and turn it on its ear, fashioning healthy, vibrant, affordable choices from even the most mundane programs.

What else have we got? James Beard Award Nominee Chef Dustan Bristol, from one of the Boise area’s most popular tables, Brick 29 in Nampa, has really got the culinary world by the tail, making comfort food that’s local, healthy, nourishing and satisfying. He’ll present a couple of his favorites, such as his take on Mac n’ Cheese, along with savory Chicken Confit, revealing some of his clever tips for making great food.

We’ve also got Chef Vaughn Hobbs from Viking, delivering over 30 years of culinary expertise with a dose of humor that will serve up smiles along with his great style for cooking both indoors and out. His presentation on Friday, “Fish Farm Flambe: A Taste of Idaho with Flare”, will tame the flame to deliver some great eating.

We’ve also got Chef Randy King of Sysco in Boise bringing “Hunt – Gather Gourmet” to the table. Chef King is taking his impressive resume out on the trail, making the best of what’s out there in the wild that makes for good eating, bringing it into the kitchen for an interesting twist of savory flavors. Chef King will then team up with Chef Taite Pearson of Sego to present “What Will be on Your Plate in Two Years.”

Chef Pearson will also do a solo present, “Preserving and Canning Idaho’s Bounty”, that showcases his penchant for using healthy, local ingredients, instructing how this method will keep harvest tastes alive all year long.

For you chocolate fans, we’ve got Kristi Echols-Preston & Chris Preston of the Chocolate Bar in Boise, with a sweet discussion titled “From Bean to Bar: A Brief History of Chocolate.” On another sweet note, Moshit Mizrachi-Gabbitas of JanJou Patisserie in Boise will bring talent to the tent for a demonstration, crafting chocolate orange crisps.

Local superstar Chef Scott Mason of the Ketchum Grill will give a demo you’ll want to devour, titled “Autumn Foraging: From the Forest to the Table,” on Friday afternoon, followed by “Art of Bread” from popular Ketchum breadmaker Art Wallace, and Chef Tom Nickel of the Roosevelt Grille. Chef Nickel is famous for his unique game recipes and will reveal some secrets in his delicious demonstration “Dry Rubs, Marinades and Simple Sauces: Taking Your Grilling to the Next Level.”

Cristina Cook of Cristina’s in Ketchum, Brooke Hovey of Glow Live Food Café in Ketchum, and Alvin Charlton of Arid Club in Boise, will present talks on “Pumpkin Tiramisu,” “Raw, Organic Food for Optimal Health and Energy,” and “How to Feed Your Friends and Family and Still Enjoy the Party: Idaho Sturgeon with Grilled Corn Relish and Local Potatoes,” respectively.

And that’s only the food part. Can’t wait? Need more info on these talented chefs? Want details about time and place? Go to and lock in your ticket. Make your Oktoberfest celebration not only fun, but also smart and healthy.

by Kathleen Turner

Simply elegant!

Five years ago linking the words “sustainable” and “luxury” together would have gotten you more laughs than a John Stewart Daily Show. As we learn to live within our means and without trashing the planet, that word combination now signals discovery and success. How so?

Next weekend, at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival, 100 lucky attendees will gather on the rooftop patio of Sego restaurant in Ketchum for a martini and caviar party. Five years ago the martini would have likely been mixed with imported spirits, and the caviar would have had a Russian accent.

Things have changed. Sego’s Chef Taite Pearson will be serving up light fare focused on Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, a California company practicing sustainable sturgeon farming in Bliss, ID, resulting in an excellent local product used in the famous kitchens of Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck. With these beautiful, sustainable and nutritious nibbles, Chef Pearson will provide you with a wow factor for your next gathering. You can try this at home.

Sego’s cocktail chemist, Ryan Sullivan, will mix up unique, refreshing martinis with Square One Cucumber Vodka. Square One, founded and continuously guided by Allison Evanow, is a family-owned, organic spirits brand focused on dovetailing ultra premium spirits with impeccable environmental standards.

Using 100% sweet organic rye, and produced with a proprietary organic fermentation process certified by both Oregon Tilth and the USDA’s National Organic Program, the rich, smooth, nutty flavor proves a perfect culinary companion. Square One Organic Spirits, distilled by Master Distiller Bill Scott of Distilled Resources, Inc., in Rigby, ID, received five stars from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal and brought home gold medals from the L.A. International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Sullivan will also offer mmm-mmm-martinis made with Square One’s Botanical Vodka, an organic rye spirit blended with eight botanicals, including pear, citrus and coriander. Come learn from the master how to enjoy summer’s harvest in a glass, with these local, organic, creative drinks from Sullivan’s playbook at Sego.

Then, Chef Pearson will team up with Chef Randy King from Sysco in Boise to deliver a lively discussion, “What Will be on Your Plate in Two Years?” addressing the spectrum of Idaho products you may not be aware of that are soon to become household words.

Simplifying the source to savor route and featuring fresh, honest flavors are proof positive that this group can successfully combine sustainability with luxury. The result? As they say in science, when an experiment can be completed in as few steps as possible, it’s elegant.

Tickets to this fun and fascinating gathering are just a part of the package when you purchase a gold pass to the festival. There are spots for just 100 guests at this event and a limited number remain, so click on over to and put this party on your calendar. Sustainable luxury. It’s elegant. And you really won’t want to miss it!

by Kathleen Turner

Food. Wine. Beer. Atmosphere. Drink it all in!

You’re coming for the food, right? But, to enhance the trance, we’ll be serving up some of Idaho’s most acclaimed beverages at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival, just days away now, Sept. 24-26. For instance …

Who knew Idaho had so many award-winning wines, beers and spirits? Prepare to be shocked, but in a good way! It’s all about terroir, carefully hand crafted products and knowledgeable winemakers, brewers and distillers.

Who will you see in the tasting room? Cinder, Frenchman’s Gulch, Fraser, Hell’s Canyon, Coulter’s Creek, Indian Creek, Vale, Holesinsky, Koenig, Wood River Cellars, Pend d’Oreille, Snyder and Three Horse Ranch Wineries.

Local distributors S & C Importers, Tastevin, Nouveaux and JW Thornton will be offering Ste. Michelle, Whitman Cellars, Cardwell Hills, Sokol Blosser, Ross Andrew, Mercer Estates, Siduri, Robert Sinskey, Cold Springs and a selection of additional Washington, Oregon and California wines.

You’ll also discover some extraordinary vodkas and liquers distilled right here in Rigby, ID at Distilled Resources, Inc. Locally made and internationally enjoyed, these smooth shots, some of which are organically crafted from our famous Idaho potatoes, will warm your heart and ease your mind.

The tasting room will be open from 2 to 5 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. Admission is included with the purchase of a pass, but if you’re ordering à la carte, $25 will get you in.

If you’re all about the hops, then you’ll just HAVE to hit the Beer Garden on Saturday! It will feature brews from Laughing Dog, Sun Valley Brewing, Grand Teton Brewing, Idaho Brewing Co, River Bend Brewery, and Sockeye Brewery. Those Rasberry sisters and their outrageously delish dishes will make an appearance, bringin’ street tacos. Atkinsons has promised to make your chin messy with some fallin’ from the bone Country Natural ribs out of Mackay, and Toni’s will be dippin’ some delightful ice cream for ya!

The Beer Garden will be open from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, and again, it’s included in the price of a pass, but à la carte, it’s 15 bills, a portion of which goes to the Sun Valley Nordic Ski Team, so pony it up and celebrate Oktoberfest in style. Sponsored by Sun Valley Magazine, there will also be music by Cow Says Moo and Seattle’s Danny Barnes.

by Kathlene Turner!

Harvest Festival Chef Profiles: Let’s Eat!!!

We all get creative in the kitchen from time to time, but the collection of knowledge available to pass holders at The Sun Valley Harvest Festival is something extraordinary. There has never been such a broad, acclaimed, talented group of kitchen wizards gathered in the valley, so prepare for some real treats as they present tastes and trends from their own playbooks. Take a peek:

Chef John Turenne of Sustainable Food Systems was the energy behind a sustainable food service program at Yale University, and has worked locally with St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation to lead their switch to a fresh, healthy food service model. John has 25 years of experience in the industry, embracing the combination of delicious repasts and sustainability, both for the body and the planet.

On Sat., Sept. 25, at Carol’s Dollar Lodge, Chef Turenne will present his innovative and outstanding style using Lava Lake Lamb in his “Cook Once, Serve Twice, Satisfy Thrice!” demonstration. Efficient, sustainable and a treat for all five senses, all cooks on the lookout for ways to enjoy great dining with a smaller footprint will absolutely flip over Chef Turenne’s event.

Chef Vaughn Hobbs, Executive Chef for Kimball/Viking, is the opening star of the festival, delivering fabulous cuisine ideas in “Fish Farm Flambé – a Taste of Idaho with a Flare”. Making the most of Snake River Farms’ Kobe beef, Chef Hobbs will add a delicious twist on New York Strip Steaks with Stilton Sauce. He will also offer simple, elegant tips on a flambé preparation of Idaho Trout.   Chef Hobbs has 30 years of experience in the industry, two culinary degrees and a sense of humor you will also want to include in your recipe files.

Chef Randy King of Sysco of Idaho, is on the trail for “Hunt, Gather Gourmet”, his unique presentation employing local “found” foods in clever and delicious creations that include wild game. Chef King’s BA in Philosophy from Boise State University and MBA from Northwest Nazarene University undoubtedly contribute to his eight-year career in the culinary world. He has the additional honor , shared with an elite membership, in the Certified Executive Chefs of the American Culinary Federation. Come experience this wild side of professional food prep, as Chef King delivers his ingredient list of  kitchen expertise, travel, writing and humor in anticipation of upcoming seasonal hunts and gathers.

Chef Taite Pearson, the creative genius behind Ketchum’s hot new tables at Kevin Stussi’s Sego, will pair up with Chef Randy King on Saturday for a special presentation of “What will be on your plate in two years.” It’s an irresistible pairing that’s bound to bring rave reviews. This duo’s got no reservations, so eat your heart out, Anthony Bourdain!

Other local notables presenting their outstanding industry knowledge along with some of the valley’s best kept culinary secrets include Scott Mason of The Ketchum Grill, Cristina Cook of Cristina’s in Ketchum, Tom Nickel of the Roosevelt Grill & Tavern in Ketchum, Jan Hegewald of Cornerstone in Ketchum, Art Wallace, Ketchum breadmaker extraordinaire, Brook Hovey of Glow Live Food Café in Ketchum, Dustan Bristol of Brick 29 in Nampa, Kristi Echols-Preston & Chris Preston of The Chocolate Bar in Boise and Alvin Charlton of Arid Club in Boise.

Go to www.sunvalleyharvestfestival to purchase passes online or for more information. Next up: get the skinny on Idaho spirits, wines and beers, and the impressive selection that will be at your beck and call in the tasting room and beer garden at the festival.

written by: Kathleen Turner

Support Your Favorite Chef

We’ve had another simply incredible summer here in Idaho. We’re now reaping the harvest of sunshine-packed days nestled into cool, crisp nights. The explosion of color alone is enough to send even the most cursory culinary artists enthusiastically seeking the reds, oranges, yellows and greens at markets across the state.

It’s an exciting and innovative time in the kitchen for most, but what about the year-round chef at home? The parent, spouse or significant other who consistently plans, shops for, prepares, serves and cleans up for family and friends, day after day, year after year? Is there someone in your life who cooks for you? How about treating them to an exciting, inspiring, healthy and rewarding three days of events at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival?

The tickets are simple to purchase online at and offer up tasty, new, good-for-you culinary trends via discussions with top chefs like Vaughn Hobbs of Viking, John Turenne of Sustainable Food Systems, Dustan Bristol of Brick 29, Randy King of Sysco, and a host of famous local chefs like Cristina Cook, Scott Mason and Taite Pearson. 

A gift of a festival pass to your favorite chef will gain them admission to the tasting room to discover spirits from Idaho’s Distilled Resources, Inc., and nectar from 14 Idaho wineries. They will also have the privilege to enjoy the beer garden where music, food and Idaho brewers will celebrate Oktoberfest

Through demonstrations and discussions, attendees will learn ways to pair spirits, wines and beer with the some of Idaho’s most famous exports, like Lava Lake Lamb and Snake River Farms beef, both of which are so delish that Tom Keller has chosen to serve them up at his famed French Laundry dinners in California. Your chef will also discover some of Idaho’s best kept secrets available through Idaho’s Bounty. 

If you purchase a gold VIP pass for your beloved chef, they will find themselves attending an exclusive martini and caviar party at Sego, with a lively presentation by Chefs Vaughn and Pearson about what we’ll be eating in five years. This hush-hush event has limited seating, and there are a few spaces left, so get in there and get one while the getting’s still good!

Doesn’t your chef deserve to have some fun with their art? Of course they do. Plus, you get the benefit of all this great knowledge as they put their discoveries to use preparing tasty, healthy, local and regional dishes for you! It’s a win-win with benefits we’ve not even listed here.

 Sound like fun? Then get thee to the website and snap up a gift pass for the hard-working chef in your life. You may even want to treat yourself to a pass and share the love. Join us, September 24-26, 2010, for this groundbreaking culinary event, and reap the benefits all year long.

by: Kathleen Turner

Welcome to the Sun Valley Harvest Festival

Welcome to the first Sun Valley Harvest Festival! I am so excited that this is actually happening, and at the same time it is hard to believe. Who ever would have thought that you could combine all of your passions into a job, but that is exactly what has happened with the Sun Valley Harvest Festival. When I was first asked to take this over, I thought why would I want to do that to myself?!?! But upon further reflection, and many glasses of wine, I started to see what a great opportunity this would be to showcase all of the great food, chefs, wine, spirits and beer that Idaho has to offer. As food and wine related travel has become the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry why shouldn’t Idaho and Sun Valley be on that map?!?! I know everyone thinks of us as a recreation destination which is great, but what about those out there who are maybe not so much into recreation and are missing out on the opportunity to experience this great state of ours! And of course fall is the most spectacular time of year here, so doesn’t all that combined make up the best reason to create a “foodie” festival.

So here we are six months later with what I think is a great lineup of local and guest chefs showing us how to prepare our locally raised, grown and made foods, paired with some of our locally made wines, spirits, and beers. Did you know that the best caviar, which apparently even gives our Russian friends a run for their money, is raised right here in Bliss Idaho…..who knew?!?! Pair that with some of our locally produced vodka made in Rigby and you have an amazing party with a great story! Apparently it is even good enough for Chef Thomas Keller of French Laundry in Napa Valley.

As the tagline says, I really wanted everyone to have the opportunity to taste, learn, experience, and enjoy their way through a weekend of fun filled events. I hope this is something that you will come to year after year, to not only keep current on what is going on in the “Foodie” world of Idaho, but also to just enjoy a fun weekend away in a beautiful destination with great food and hopefully some new good friends.