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If You Bring Wine, They Will Come.


Photo from Redbook Magazine

Photo from Redbook Magazine

This year, we’ve added a new element before the Restaurant Walk to get you ready to embark on your roving culinary adventure! The Idaho Wine Commission will be taking time out of their busy Harvest Season to provide a sampling of up-and-coming Idaho Wines during ticket registration from 4pm – 5pm. In case you haven’t heard, our neighbors in the Snake River Valley rated #2 on a new list Redbook Magazine’s list of “America’s Top Wine Destinations.” At the Sun Valley Harvest Festival, you can see for yourself with a weekend full of opportunities to try amazing wines from right here in our Gem State. Move on over, potatoes!

SV Magazine Sponsors a Foodie Favorite, the Harvest Festival Restaurant Walk

RestaurantWalkChristinasFor the fourth year in a row, Sun Valley Magazine is sponsoring the always popular Harvest Festival Restaurant Walk. On Friday, September 20th, from 5pm – 7pm you’ll get the opportunity to roam the town of Ketchum on a beautiful autumn evening, wine in hand, with family and good friends (while making new ones along the way). The 2013 Harvest Festival Restaurant Walk will feature 19 different restaurants, all of which will offer tastings of seasonal cuisine with local ingredients that will delight your taste buds and incite your culinary curiosities. Also, get a chance to imbibe some delicious wines and local craft beers and experience how they play off different food pairings. Space is limited and this event is sure to sell out, so buy your tickets today!

Here’s a review of the good times the SV Magazine team had at a past Harvest Festival: “We Came, We Saw, We Imbibed, We Indulged.”

Check out Yum!, Sun Valley Magazine’s blog about the epicurean happenings in the Valley.

The SVHF River Guide Cooking Demonstration: The Ultimate Moveable Feast!

RiverGuideEvery year the Sun Valley Harvest Festival brings local Idaho river rafting companies to the River Guide Cooking Demo for an opportunity to tout their culinary skills and give us a taste of “glamping” (glamour camping) without the tents and sleeping bags. During the event, you can learn the tips and tricks of food preparation in the back country as these river guides showcase what they do best: cook incredible food over an open grill and in a Dutch oven, fireside or riverside, without leaving a trace.

This year we’ve added some fun new features to our event to make this day even more memorable. Event sponsor and online travel publication Concierge Q will bring media personality Mat Gershater to host the party, as well as live music by Spike Coggins.  You’ll also have the opportunity mingle with the chefs as they prepare full brunch you to enjoy topped off with Michelle Sparking Wine. Don’t miss this truly unique Idaho experience, and the ultimate moveable feast!

Party like a Local at the 5B Party

Saturday, September 21, 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Ever wonder what us Idahoans get up to on the weekends when we’re not harvesting potatoes or farming cattle? Party like a local and kick back for a fun evening of Idaho-centric pastimes with our new signature event that will tie together all of our favorite things: Boots, Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ at B.

During the party, event co-sponsor High West Distillery will have multiple ambassadors present a rye whiskey tasting and “spread the gospel” about this delicious drink. In anticipation of this unique opportunity and to learn a bit more about the bourbon biz, I spoke to Dave Perkins, High West’s proprietor and tasting extraordinaire who will be in attendance….

double-rye-label SHVF: What goes in to making a good bourbon?
DP: Lots of details: good grain, a clean fermentation, a careful distillation and then patient time in the barrel.

SVHF: Can you describe High West’s distillation process, in layman’s terms?
DP: Most people don’t know that Whiskey starts life as beer. So the first step in distillation is making a great distiller’s beer. It’s a little more sour than drinking a regular beer, but that’s a good thing as many of the delicious flavors develop in an acidic environment. That beer is then put in our potstill and heated to the boiling point. Because alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water (173F vs 212F), the alcohol “separates” as steam and the water is left behind as a liquid. We then cool that alcohol steam in a condenser and it comes out as a liquid that we call the distillate and an imbiber calls whiskey.

SVHF: What should people expect (look forward to) about a High West whiskey tasting?
DP: The whiskey will be good! Better yet, if someone from High West is there, you will be guaranteed to learn five things about whiskey you didn’t know.

SVHF: What is your favorite food to pair with bourbon?
DP: Because the two predominant flavors in Bourbon are caramel and vanilla, Bourbon pairs really well with desserts. Other alcohols seem to get all the glory on dessert menus (port, single malts, cognacs, dessert wines) to the exclusion of Bourbon. I am on a mission to get bourbon on more dessert menus! My favorite is a good Bourbon and any chocolate dessert.

SVHF: What is your favorite quality in a bourbon? And your least?
DP: I love caramel and vanilla and because Bourbon is loaded with these, I love Bourbon. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t like caramel and vanilla? Satan? Stalin? My least favorite quality? There’s nothing I don’t like about bourbon.

Well, the tasting hasn’t even started yet and I’m pretty sure I just learned at least five things that got me (and I hope you as well) excited about the upcoming High West tasting at the 5B Party. While you taste and enjoy delicious food and drink, there will be live bluegrass music by Dewey, Picket, and Howe that’s sure to keep your boots moving all night long.
Enjoy a concert, amazing food and drink, great company, and a beautiful backdrop of the famous Bald Mountain all for only $50. Get your tickets soon, as this event is a sure sell-out!


Get to Know the 2013 SVHF Featured Wines

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” ― W.C. Fields

Restaurant WalkAny foodie knows that memorable epicurean experiences are only complete when paired with wine. That’s why we are fortunate at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival to have eight sponsoring wineries that will be featured in our Chef Demonstrations and the Grand Tasting, along with other events throughout the weekend. Returning viticultural champions from last year’s event include Chateau Ste. Michelle, Col Solare, Erath Winery, Northstar, Spring Valley Vineyard, and Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. The two new wines we’re pleased to share with you this year are Michelle, a sparkling wine, and O Wines.

Each wine represents different varietals from the Pacific Northwest and California, all of which bring unique and delightful flavors to the table that will be perfectly paired at each Chef Demonstration on Saturday, September 21st and with the delicious samples at the Grand Tasting on Sunday, September 22nd. And, if you consider yourself to be a true wine enthusiast make sure to attend Akasha Richmond’s “Pairing for your Palate: The Art of Hors D’oeuvres and Wine” on the 21st at 4 pm. During this event, you will have the opportunity to taste, experience, and enjoy different wines while learning how to make the perfect combination of flavor profiles with different foods.

To learn more about each of the featured wineries, click here.

Rachel Hofstetter, Author and “Flexitarian,” to Moderate Food Mavericks Panel

RachelHoffHeadshotNow that we’ve announced all of the “Food Mavericks” that we’re bringing to Sun Valley for our Panel Discussion on Thursday, September 19th, it’s time to talk about our moderator. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rachel Hofstetter—food editor, author, and self-proclaimed “flexitarian.”

Ms. Hofstetter’s background with the food industry originated with studying it in college from an environmental perspective (“Michael Pollan-types of topics, pre-Michael Pollan” as she describes). After studying agriculture and food systems, she began to visit her local farmers markets and explore the “delicious side of food” (including attending Culinary School). Ultimately, she’s ended up working on the editorial side of the industry, working for magazines like O, The Oprah Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. Now, she’s published a book about successful food entrepreneurs and their experiences called Cooking up a Business.

One of the things we’re most excited about is bringing Rachel back here to visit us in Idaho (as she bravely married one of our natives). “I was raised in the Midwest and live in New York City, but I somehow married an Idahoan! So I’ve been lucky to experience both the astounding natural beauty (and variety) of the Idaho landscape as well as lots and lots of local specialties–and yes, we only, only buy Idaho potatoes, even in New York.”

Well Rachel—we look forward to having you here in Foodie Heaven to talk with our “Food Mavericks” and enjoy a weekend of sampling the best regional fare that the Gem State has to offer!

See who else is joining the discussion and buy your tickets the Food Mavericks Panel here.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Co-Founder at the Food Mavericks Panel

MikeFataWe’re excited to announce our fourth and final panelist in the first annual Food Mavericks Panel at the Sun Valley Harvest Festival on September 19th. We’ll be hosting co-founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, Mike Fata.

Mike is the ultimate spokesperson for his own product. Formerly weighing in at 300-pounds as an unhealthy and unhappy teenager, he was eventually able to lose weight in a healthy way through the introduction of hemp foods, specifically EFAs (essential fatty acids), fiber, and essential amino acids. His focus became quality, balanced nutrition. Lucky for him, hemp is both delicious and contains all of the essentials – protein, omegas, fiber, minerals and vitamins. And so began his path to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Since his discovery of the wonders of hemp, Mike has become passionate about sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with others about healthy living.  In Canada, he is a mentor for other small business owners and donates his time at community and public events.  He is a Director for the Canadian Organic Trade Association, actively involved in the Young Presidents Organization, and past President of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance. Mike is the proud recipient of numerous awards including Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Health Food Association’s Organics Leadership.

PrintWe’re really looking forward to hear what Mike brings to the table at our Food Mavericks Panel. Also, inspired  by his visit, some of our own Harvest Festival team will be trying a hemp oil cleanse—we look forward to keeping you updated on their progress and hope to see you in September!

Buy tickets to the Food Mavericks panel here.

Meet the Locals: Farmers and Food Artisans

The Wood River Valley of Idaho is home to a burgeoning culinary scene along with a wealth of agricultural gems, organic producers, and local chefs who curate seasonal menus consistent with the local food movement. So naturally the 4th annual Sun Valley Harvest Festival has become a haven for foodies who appreciate fresh, sustainable, local, and quality ingredients that are key to delicious and healthy meals.

That’s why this year we’ve added a new event to our lineup to introduce you to our local producers, right here in the Valley. Join us for…


Meet the Locals: Farmers and Food Artisans
Our very own local market will be sponsoring the first annual “Meet the Locals” event on Friday, September 20th from 1 – 4 pm. Attendees will have a chance to wander around Atkinsons’ and meet different farmers and purveyors in order to better understand where their food comes from. Some of these farms include Southwind Farms in Heyburn, M&M Heath Organics in Buhl, Sweet Valley Organics in Sweet, and Wood River Organics in Bellevue. You’ll get a chance to talk these farmers and learn more about their operations, along with sample their products and working with high-altitude gardening.

Why get involved? Atkinson’s owner Whit Atkinson says, “Our customers want the very best when it comes to produce and we not only want to deliver the best, we also want to support our local and regional farmers. What better way to show and introduce our farmers to our customers then through the ‘Meet the Locals’ event.”

Some other events and organizations that help facilitate this connection between our community and its food sources right here in our Valley:

Edible Idaho Southtaite Idaho’s Bounty
Idaho Preferred
Idaho Wine Commission
Outstanding in the Field
Wood River Farmers Market

Seats still available! Saturday, July 20th: Outstanding in the Field, a “roving culinary adventure”dedicated to “re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it,” is coming to Idaho for the very first time! Local chefs (and former SVHF Guest Chef/James Beard Nominee) Taite Pearson and Sarah Lipton from della Mano will be creating a delicious meal for diners at the Sweet Valley Organics Farm in Sweet, Idaho. Buy tickets here!

Final Guest Chef Announced! The SVHF Welcomes Malika Ameen


We’re thrilled to announce a fifth Guest Chef as a part of our Demonstrations and Presentations in Foodie Heaven on Saturday, September 21st. Her specialty is one that is close to ours hearts and has yet to be explored in the Harvest Festival demo kitchens… desserts!

Malika Ameen is a Chicago-based chef and was one of the 12 contestants on Bravo’s new series, Top Chef: Just Desserts. Malika focuses her expertise on using only the finest ingredients and is a master at finding the whisper of spice that will enhance her unique flavor combinations.

Malika was trained in New York and has worked with an array of renowned pastry chefs.  She has been featured on the Today Show and has worked with celebrity clients including Nate Berkus and Michelle Obama.  As a head chef at the famous Chateau Marmont, in Los Angeles, Malika perfected her decadent dessert creations (including her now famous Sticky Toffee Pudding…oh my goodness) and continues to share her passion for indulgent dessert through her business byMdesserts.

Join us on Saturday, July 20th at the Chef Demonstrations and learn the secrets behind Malika’s successful career in the world of sweets.  We can only begin to imagine the delicious recipes she’ll share with us, not to mention the samplings of the finished product! Buy your tickets to see Malika’s Cooking Demonstration.

Read more about Malika’s career here.


Foodtrainers Bridge the Gap Between What We Know and What We Consume

headshot-laurenLauren Slayton MS RD is a self-proclaimed foodie who believes good taste and healthy eating need not be mutually exclusive. In fact, her career at Foodtrainers is based on helping her clients look and feel their best without sacrificing delicious meals. Lauren says, “Often clients come to me saying ‘I love food, it’s a problem’ but I enjoy showing them that whether they’re training for a triathlon or trying to lose weight, being a foodie is an asset, provided they make the right choices.” Being a foodie can be an asset? Obviously, we can’t wait to hear more.

Ms. Slayton’s upbringing contributes to her passion for helping her clients make good decisions and her ability to create food plans to fit their lifestyles. Lauren was raised in a very “food-centric family,” with a mother “who worked full time but still cooked every night and my Italian father [who] instilled an appreciation of food (and long meals) in me.” Growing up without exposure to processed foods and awareness of a need for balance in one’s diet ultimately led her to complete a Masters in Clinical Nutrition at New York University. Through her work as a private consultant to clients she helps to “bridge the gap between what we know we should be eating and what we actually consume.”

As a participant of our Food Trends panel, Ms. Slayton will be involved in a discussion about current food topics like juicing, gluten-free, coconut water, and pickling. As a “Foodtrainer,” her job consists of consulting 40-50 savvy clients a week, and she says staying on top of these trends is a must. For example, Lauren wrote a recent blog about the explosion and relatively new “coolness” of Kale, comparing it to the Kardashians. We really look forward to hearing more about these foodie hot-topics from her perspective!